Disability Poem

My disability has been one long ride. I’ve had it since birth and it still affects me today. I started in a wheelchair, I still remember being five years old, my little siblings fighting over which one of them was going to push me in the chair. I still remember feeling like the biggest kid at circle time in kindergarten because the chair would take up so much space instead of just sitting on the floor with everyone else. Then came the walker. It felt much more liberating than the wheelchair. I remember walking down the hallways in elementary school feeling like I could drive a car because the walker was on wheels. My legs finally being able to move like they never could before, my legs having left the restriction and limitation of the wheelchair. Then came the crutches. Something completely new and different. I was little eight year-old me, tired of all these gadgets to help me get around in the world. Tired of being different, wanting to walk and run like everyone else. But believe it or not, the crutches have their good parts too. It feels like I have four legs instead of two. People sometimes tell me that they picture me in an action movie wacking someone with them. Being able to show off my favorite colors red and blue through two pairs of crutches I have. Here I am today, walking long distances with the crutches, but feeling free walking without them at home or at other relatives’ houses. Making the decision to not feel bad about my disability anymore. So what if I sometimes trip and fall over things at home? So what if my leg muscles get tired and I need to rest if I walk or stand too long? So what if you never see me as your typical individual walking down the street with nothing one day? So what if I may never be able to climb a mountain or run a marathon? It is what it is, I am who I am.


17 thoughts on “Disability Poem

  1. inowalst

    This is absolutely amazing! Everything you say always sounds so empowering. But seriously, so what if you live the rest of your life walking with crutches. Those crutches don’t define who you are. In fact, those crutches can be seen as “someone” you could always lean on. Those crutches are always there when you’re happy and sad. They’ll never leave your side. You are who you are and please, never change for anyone. You’re absolutely incredible the way you are. You don’t need someone to make you a better person. From the first time I met in you K-8 to now, you’re a completely different person. You’re still the same kid with the beautiful smile, but you’re so much more confident and outgoing. I love it. You’re an inspiration to everyone who meets you. I can’t be more fortunate to know you and call you a true friend. If you ever need anyone, you have my email. xx ❤

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    1. Michael Ploski


      I have shared your blog on my Facebook page to share your inspiration. You are definitely an inspiration to many people in this world.

      I look forward to meeting you .

      I am a second cousin of your mom Sandra.


  2. Ada Hueso

    Hi Jansil tu poema es lo que tu sientes en tu corazon que bueno que le dejes saber al mundo lo que tu sientes y estas expresando tus sentimientos estoy muy orgullosa de ti lo que as crecido intelectualmente.Te quiero mucho abuela…Besotes

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  3. LJ Woolston

    Jansil, this is really powerful! I could just see you, that little kindergartner, and it made me so sad. You have used your pain to empower yourself little by little. This summer at Metrotown, I saw you be so open and vulnerable about your disability… And it empowered others. You’re doing it here too.

    I am sure it has been one long ride indeed… But by sharing your story and strength with others, you make their long ride a little shorter and a little easier.

    Thank you for being you. I am grateful to know you.


  4. Alexian Hueso

    Beautiful and powerful words! Know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to…there are many ways to climb a mountain and run a marathon. And yes, you are not a “typical individual”, and never will be because you are extraordinary! The gadgets don’t define who you are, they are only tools to help you reach your greatness…you are limitless! (And you would totally rock an action movie…whacking meanies with your crutches!) I love you and am honored to have you in my life! 🙂 ♡


  5. Rossana Tallaj (tia chana)

    That is so very touching to my soul jansil, I am so very proud of your courageousness! Keep it up and you will get wherever you want with your intelligence which doesn’t need to walk normally or walking marathon’s ect.. no matter how, how many people walk in marathons? Not everyone does! I’d say that’s nonsense or petty. The important thing is in your will of pursuing what you want out of life, getting better everyday in everything you want to achieve and the mind and intelligence that you have, which is you major gift which you are benefiting from. Apart from your other beautiful gift which is singing and also writting. You are an amazing young man. Tia chana loves you!



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